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With more than 20 years of actuarial experience, Actuarial Filings opened their doors to serve those in need of efficient and affordable solutions.

Owner - Victoria "Viki" Beaton

Viki has been providing actuarial rate filings and personal lines filings for over 20 years. Viki's actuarial management background and technique will propel to the forefront of rate filings. With this insight she knows requests for filings will be completed, quickly, efficiently, and on time.

Background: Viki started her actuarial background in 1991 as an actuarial analyst.  Convinced of her love of this field of study, she recognized the value of education by earning her B.A. in Mathematics and a minor in Statistics from California State University, Sacramento. Viki has an in depth knowledge of Excel and Access, combined with insurance rate-making, and utilization of SERFF software. Her background and experience allows her to perform rate making analysis, and her clear understanding allows her to explain the results to clients.



Our team of analysts and fellows will provide the solutions you need using learned experience.